Supplier Comparison Studies


Aerofin Laboratories are regularly approached by manufacturers to perform supplier comparison studies. Particularly in the coatings / finishing industry where the finish of the product is for aesthetics as well as function.


The requirements were to establish which suppliers’ coatings / finishes meet the needs of the manufacturer. This can be achieved through comparison studies, where samples of individual suppliers’ finishes are tested alongside each other & evaluated.

Prescribed testing schedules can be performed or alternatively a plan can be discussed & drawn up with one of Aerofins specialists based on the requirements of the finish. Testing can look at the performance attributes of the coating with testing such as:

  • Adhesion testing.
  • Accelerated environment testing.
  • Fluid resistance testing.
  • Scratch testing.

Aesthetic testing such as colour & gloss can be performed to ensure the finish is visually as required. Visually comparisons can also take place after other types of testing. Where comparisons have yielded two finishes perform similarly the resultant choice may come down to how they perform visually after a test such as exposure to neutral fog.


Aerofin Laboratories conclude testing with a full laboratory report including visuals. Results maybe represented qualitatively or quantitively depending on the specification criteria.

The aim of the laboratory report is to give clear & concise information to our customer on how the suppliers product has performed, in order for our customer to make an evidence based decision going forward into production.