Heat Resistant Consumer Electronics


Aerofin Laboratories were approached by a consumer electronics research & development department to aid the progression of a device that will be exposed to high temperatures, humidity & fluids predominantly water.


The requirements were to establish which material & finish best suited the intended use. Where the material intends to be used at elevated temperatures in a humid & potentially corrosive environments.

Initially a testing schedule was developed between Aerofin & the customer which included exposure to high temperatures, high humidity & salt corrosion testing. A selection of materials & finishes were subjected to the test schedule where quantitative & qualitative reports gave the customer the ability to decide which material/finishes to continue development.

A second round of testing looked at a smaller range of materials & finishes. This time looking more closely at coatings & their abilities to resist wear, impact & deformation. Testing included Taber abrasion, Scratch & pencil Hardness.

Subsequently this was followed up by some supplier comparison studies.