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POSTED 29.10.14

Here at Aerofin Laboratories the demand for optical microscopy has been on the up, meaning more and more cutting and mounting of test pieces. So much so that our little Acutom 5 cut off machine never gets a rest. So with the help from our friends at Severn Sales the Acutom 5 now has a bigger younger brother, in the form of the Qualimet M Auto. Qualimet M Auto is a larger more robust machine significantly increasing our capacity to section samples. A larger cut off wheel and enclosure enables us to precisely cut much larger samples with ease. Decreased preparation and total time to test, decreases turn around time of reports to our customers.

Testing methods include but are not limited to Micro Hardness, Inter Granular Attack, End Grain Pitting,  Alpha Case, Heat Affected Zone, Eutectic Melting and Diffusion Into Cladding. If you have any queries regarding your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on +44 1278 785131 or email

qualimet cut off wheel

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