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POSTED 12.12.18

Continuous improvement, an expression some of us are all too familiar with. The acceptance of complacency in a continually growing and varying market simply equates to stagnation. Here at Aerofin our service is continually evolving to meet our customers’ needs in an increasingly demanding market place.
Alongside process control testing, we are seeing increasing amounts of process qualification testing with initiatives such as REACH. In these situations we have to be responsive to our customers’ requirements.
As 2018 nears to an end, a brief summary of the year at Aerofin has seen:
• Growth in capacity of accelerated environmental testing and an increase in the range of testing we can now offer to our customers. With the purchase of new chambers we can now offer ULT temperatures down to -86֯C, fluid resistance up to 200֯C and exposure to high temperatures up to 600֯C.
• Expansion into new methods to aid existing offerings. Enabling customers to minimise subcontract supplier numbers. For example the acquisition of a paint booth to support paint qualification testing.
• Increase in capacity and range within the metallurgical testing facility. For example new inverted microscopes & automated hardness testers (Knoop & micro-Vickers) which enable us to keep turnaround times to a minimum.
• A greater variety in micro and macro examination for example macro examination of perma-swage fittings (see image).

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