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Coating Evaluation

Aerofin Laboratories employ various qualitative and quantitative methods to test coatings and evaluate their performance. Tests include but are not limited to:

  • Salt spray testing to evaluate the corrosion resistance of a coating.
  • Thickness determination by cross sectional examination & eddy current.
  • Adhesion testing to evaluate a coating adequately adhered to a substrate.
  • Pull off testing to determine adhesion value.
  • Taber abrasion to evaluate the wear resistance of a coating or material.
  • Scratch, schlerometer & pencil hardness for paints & varnishes.
  • Determination of gloss.
  • Accelerated environment testing to evaluate a coatings performance in desired environment.
  • Seal quality to ensure a barrier on anodic coatings.
  • Porosity testing to ensure coating is continuous and unbroken.

Paint Testing

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