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Aerofin Celebrate 8th Birthday.

POSTED 20.11.14

Aerofin Laboratories Ltd are celebrating being 8 years old this month. each year we have taken on at least one new employee. growth hasn’t just been reflected in the size of our team but the size of our facility, range of testing offered and of course our clients. we would like to take a minute to thank our new and existing long term customers for your custom and we look forward to working hard for you in the future.

Metallurgical Preperation

POSTED 29.10.14

Here at Aerofin Laboratories the demand for optical microscopy has been on the up, meaning more and more cutting and mounting of test pieces. So much so that our little Acutom 5 cut off machine never gets a rest. So with the help from our friends at Severn Sales the Acutom 5 now has a bigger younger brother, in the form of the Qualimet M Auto. Qualimet M Auto is a larger more robust machine significantly increasing our capacity to section samples. A larger cut off wheel and enclosure enables us to precisely cut much larger samples with ease. Decreased

Chemically milled test pieces & photo micrograph reports

POSTED 22.10.14

Aerofin Laboratories have recently undertaken work for a number of clients on chemically milled test pieces and components. This work included looking for inter granular corrosion and end grain pitting. After preparation of the test piece for microscopic analysis Aerofin Laboratories are able to evaluate the sample, providing feedback to the customer with the aid of photo-micrographs. We are pleased to be able to offer similar services for other applications such as Alpha case, heat affected zone, eutectic melting and diffusion into cladding.

Aerofin offer visual reports.

POSTED 12.08.14

Aerofin Laboratories are pleased to offer photographic support incorporated within test reports such as (but not limited to) salt spray and optical microscopy e.g. intergranular attack, end grain pitting and micro-section thickness.

During salt spray testing it is possible for the appearance of the test piece to change significantly due to the corrosive nature of the test. By establishing pre and post test visual evidence it is possible to document how a result has been deduced. Visual records are becoming increasingly important when test pieces exhibit evidence of corrosion providing a permanent record of what is a time constrained assessment

Aerofin supply test pieces.

POSTED 17.07.14

Aerofin Laboratories offer a wide range of testing including process solution analysis and corrosion resistance testing  i.e. salt spray testing in accordance with ASTM B117 & ISO 9227.

We are also pleased to offer certified test panels. Test panels available include but not limited to the following:

  • Various salt spray testing panels including 10”x3”x0.032” aluminium 2024, 6061 & 7075.
  • Inter-granular attack and end grain pitting in aluminium & titanium alloys.
  • Test bars for hydrogen embrittlement in accordance with ASTM F519 i.e. 1A1 test bars.

For a full list of all available testing & test pieces or any enquiry