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POSTED 12.08.14

Aerofin Laboratories are pleased to offer photographic support incorporated within test reports such as (but not limited to) salt spray and optical microscopy e.g. intergranular attack, end grain pitting and micro-section thickness.

During salt spray testing it is possible for the appearance of the test piece to change significantly due to the corrosive nature of the test. By establishing pre and post test visual evidence it is possible to document how a result has been deduced. Visual records are becoming increasingly important when test pieces exhibit evidence of corrosion providing a permanent record of what is a time constrained assessment at the end of the salt spray period. Photographs can assist the customer in determining why the test piece has corroded during the salt spray test, and permit a course of corrective action to be established.


Photographic reports can also be provided for optical microscopy methods such as inter granular attack and end grain pitting etc. Accurate scales and measurements can be added to enhance the micrographs i.e. micro-section thickness of coatings.

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