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Paint Testing

POSTED 13.09.17

Aerofin Laboratories aim to satisfy all the testing requirements of paint processing facilities. we are constantly updating our range of testing.

Aerofin Laboratories can conduct qualitative & quantitative tests for evaluating the adhesion of organic and inorganic coatings on various substrates. Methods include: Pull off testing, Bend, Burnishing, Chisel-Knife, File, Grind-Saw, Heat-Quench, Impact, Peel and Scribe-Grid-Tape testing.

Many adhesion methods require conditioning or exposure to a specific environment prior to test. Aerofin Laboratories have the facilities to subject test pieces to humidity, Temperature, immersion and corrosion salt spray to name a few.

Test Methods include:

Surface Roughness Testing

POSTED 13.09.17

Roughness is defined as fine irregularities in the surface texture, which results from the inherent action of a production process. In protective coating applications there is a requirement to measure surface roughness to ensure a surface quality suitable for coating application.

Surface roughness measurements can also indicate processing stages that cause an increase in surface roughness, which may impact upon a products final suitability for application.

Aerofin Laboratories can conduct Surface roughness testing. testing specifications include:

  • BATS 3211.
  • ASTM D7127.
  • ISO 4287.