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Salt Spray Testing

Salt Salt spray testing


Aerofin Laboratories Ltd are a UKAS & Nadcap approved salt spray testing laboratory.

Aerofin Laboratories can evaluate the corrosion resistance of a coating by salt spray testing (standard test method).

An effective coating can provide corrosion resistance through the intended life of a part. Salt Spray testing creates a corrosive environment allowing us to assess the performance of  a protective finish. This process allows evaluation of corrosion in a shortened period of time, according  to a given specification.

Our laboratory has a large capacity for Salt Spray testing. We cater not only for a large volume of test pieces but also for test pieces which are over-sized or irregular in shape.  Maximum component size- 2000 x 1000 x 1175mm. Current standard salt spray test piece capacity in excess of 1000 at any one time.

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Aerofin Laboratories can offer photographic support incorporated within laboratory reports for salt spray.

During salt spray testing it is possible for the appearance of the test piece to change significantly due to the corrosive nature of the test. Aerofin can incorporate photographs of test pieces into laboratory reports providing a permanent visual record. Visual records are becoming increasingly important when test pieces exhibit evidence of corrosion. Photographs can also assist the customer in determining why the test piece has corroded, allowing for a course of corrective action to be established.

Test Methods:

ASTM B 117

ISO 9227

Aerofin Laboratories is a UKAS and Nadcap accredited testing facility offering corrosion salt spray / neutral FOG testing to ASTM B117 and ISO 9227

Aerofin Laboratories can evaluate process suitability
and effectiveness for your chosen application.